Main Phase (メインフェイズ Mein Feizu) is the fifth phase of a turn. During this phase, the turn player may perform any one of the following actions:

With the exception of playing Z/X Extra and Shift, the turn player can do any of those actions more than once as long as they are able to do it. If the turn player has done any of those actions and/or choose to not do them anymore, they proceed to the End Phase.


Play a Z/X or Event

Main articles: Z/X and Event

The turn player may choose a Z/X or Event card in their hand, and play it by paying its appropriate Cost. Z/X cards are put into the Square immediately after being played, while Event cards are put into Trash after its effect has been resolved.

Play a Z/X Extra

Main article: Z/X Extra

Once per turn, the turn player may play a Z/X Extra card from their Dynamis by fulfilling its Advent Condition or Awaken Condition. Similar to regular Z/X cards, Z/X Extra cards are put on the Square after being played.

Play a Shift

Main article: Shift

Once per turn, the turn player may play a Shift card from their Dynamis if they fulfilled all of the conditions to play the Shift. The turn player cannot play a Shift if their Shift is already on Square.

Startup Ability

Main article: Startup Ability

The turn player may declare that they are going to use one of the startup ability of their Z/X, pay the Cost of that ability (if any), and resolve the effects. The turn player can play the startup ability as many time as they likes as long as they are permitted to do that and are able to pay the Cost of the ability.


Main article: Battle

The turn player may declare a battle and attack with one of their own Z/X by turning that Z/X from Reboot State to Sleep State. The attacking Z/X can attack any one opponent's Z/X or opponent's empty Player Square adjacent to its own Square.

Comprehensive Rules

506 Main Phase

  • 506.1 "At the start of the Main Phase" automatic occurrence activates.
  • 506.2 The turn player is given priority. Turn player can perform any of the following actions. At this time, the turn player cannot choose the action that cannot be performed appropriately. You can only choose to "play a Z/X Extra card in Dynamis and resolve it" and "play a Shift card in Dynamis and resolve it" once each during a turn.
  • Play a card in hand, and resolve it (806).
  • Play the startup ability of a card, and resolve it (807).
  • Declare battle and perform it (600).
  • Play a Z/X Extra card in Dynamis, and resolve it (806). (Once per turn)
  • Play a Shit card in Dynamis, and resolve it (806). (Once per turn)
  • Pass.
  • 506.3 Perform the priority preprocessing (702).
  • 506.4 If the turn player choose anything except to pass, return to 506.2. If the turn player choose to pass, proceed to End Phase.

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