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Magicall (マジカル Majikaru) is the name given to Leafer who stylized themselves as magical girl and use transformed Plasect as their magic wands.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The general name for those who enjoyed "playing magical girl" that suddenly became popular among the Leafer.

Creativity of the curious Cthulhu who came from the outer space, and the imagination of the immature and laid-back Leafer. It is a "miraculous collaboration" with "extremely disappointing result" realized by the encounter between two falsely similar people who should have never met.

The magical girls carried Plasect that (made to) resemble "magic wand" using the Cthulhu's super-technology. The magic wand-turned Plasect have evolved into intelligent life that even able to communicate telepathically. They brings out all sorts of information from the Yggdrasil Network to give advice to their magical girl master.

However, it was not possible for the generally happy-go-lucky magical girls to use the information effectively, and everyday, they can be seen misusing their annoying magic anytime and anywhere while waving their handmade frilly costume.

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