True Dragon of Land, TheogoniusTrue Dragon of Sea, ReductonumTrue Hero, Shinobu
True History's Strongest Horse, Merry-Go-RoundTrue Love, K2True Overlordship, Alexander
Trumpeter of the Chivalric Order, ChartreuxTsundere Summer, Kuro the CatTuning, Giovannini
Tuning Pure Tones, SolitusTurbine BitTurn
Turn the Divine Key, AquilegiaTusk Girl, Were-MammothTwelve Apostles
Twelve Apostles - Aquarius GambielTwelve Apostles - Aries MalchidaelTwelve Apostles - Cancer Muriel
Twelve Apostles - Capricorn HanaelTwelve Apostles - Gemini AmbrielTwelve Apostles - Leo Verchiel
Twelve Apostles - Libra ZurielTwelve Apostles - Pisces BarchielTwelve Apostles - Sagittarius Adnachiel
Twelve Apostles - Scorpio BarbielTwelve Apostles - Taurus AsmodelTwelve Apostles - Virgo Hamaliel
Twelve Mitsubuse Arrow, Nasu no YoichiTwelve PunishTwenty Pair of Swords, Schwert
Twilight of JusticeTwilight of Justice, and Its DawnTwin-Enlightenment King, Alexander
Twin Dragon Swords of Holy Purge, SagarmathaTwin Fangs of Green Dragon, RindoTwin Flame Karmic Cannon
Twin Meteor, RigelTwin Polar AngelTwin Polar Angel, Gabriel
Twin Prism HarmonyTwin Star Regalix, CyclotronTwinkle Bride, Prism
Twinkle Smile☆Twinkling Trance, DormirTwisting Darkness, Cyaegha
Two-Horned Beast of Guilt, BicornTwo-Wheels Craftsman, Twin WheelTwo Handguns, Rindo
Two JusticeTwo Longswords, KououkaTwo Loyalty
Two Watergun, SeraphinaType.II-3 "Lost Memory", RigelType.X, Pledge of the Royal Defender
Type.XI vs AtlasTyrannic Dragon Machine, DraconiusTyrannic Purple Grudge Blade, Massprotron
Tyrant Blade, Dragonic FlareTyrant Dragon, Cardinal BladeTyrant Parade
Ugly, Pledge of the Princess LoveUgly 1st Single "Itsumono Hijokaidan de"Ugly Producer
Ugly with PrismUltimate@Niggu-tan TimeUltimate Commander, Mega Meitnerium
Ultimate Eternal DragonUltimate Overdragon, Orichalcum TyrannoUltimate Weapon, Desco
Umimi SealaUnacknowledging Contract, MuramasaUnaffected by Effect
Unbending "Covenant", ZababaUnbound Sword, Al DhanabUndefeated Lady Knight, Rigel
Under the Cherry Blossom Tree, NuUnder the Sun with You, Were-Red-PandaUnderboss, Bombay
Underground Tornado, MorvoffUndrawn Sword, MuramasaUndying King, Immortal King
Unequaled Justice, BevatronUnexpected Ambush, HinterhaltUnexpected Ecstasy, Lunatics
Unfettered Silver Fox, YuruguUnforgiving Demon, EtnaUnicorn
Unidentified? Big Sis PrinnyUniform AsagiUnify Earth
UnityUniverse-Observing Wisdom, NephriteUnknown Future Engage, Yutaka Tenryu
Unknown Future Princess, Urara YatoUnleashed Wings, IcarusUnleashing Cauldron, Abysso
Unlocking CrackUnlucky Earth God, Hades AidoneusUnlucky Little Rascals, Leo Leo Giza Gang
Unopposed Shackles, PhosflammeUnparalleled Diamond, Diamond GiganotoUnpleasant Noise, Blackboard
Unprecedented Calamity, BeelzebubUnrestrained Divine Verdure, IshtarUnrivaled Sword of Scorching Summer, Laevateinn
Unrivaled Talent, Ishida MitsunariUnveiling PrinnyUnwavering Determination, Were-Antler
Unwinding Wicker ManUnyielding SiamUpananda During Training
Upset FlonneUrara, Oath to the Unknown FutureUrara Yato (card)
User of Water Dragon's Power, AshUsual Day, BobtailUsual Summer Were-Rabbit
Usurper of Dreamable Riches, MammonV JumpV Jump Best Charisma, Victory Uchida
V Jump Best Dowdy, SaitoV Jump Best Duelist, AikawaV Jump Best Ikemen, Terashi
V Jump Best Strategist, KanemaruV Jump Supervisor, IyokuVagrant Swordsmith, Nagamitsu
Vague the WaveVajra of Nobility, MokurenVajra of Reverse Scale, Mokuren
Valentine LuxuriaValiant Collider, CastorValiant Mithril, Mithril Lion
Valorous "Sunshine", ShamashVamp Summer, Herschel the Tombcastle PrincessVampire
Vanguard Wasp Soldier, Honey BeeVanguard of Applause, FeuilleVanilla
Vanishing Machine, LostVast Thunderbolt, DonnerschlagVast Water Carrier, Gambiel
Vent the WindVenus of Hope and Love, IllustriousVerbena's Fans Leader, Were-Capybara
Verdant Beauty, AyameVerdure-Severing Cross, Noble GroveVerdure Meditation
Verdurous Songmaiden, PecteilisVermilion FeatherVersus Chaser
VesparoseVesparose and Kisara, Blindly Obedient BondsVespre the Evening
Vessel of Gluttony, GesamtVeteran Police Inspector, CymricVice Head of Arms Research Institute, Main Gauche
Victoire the VictoryVictory-Guiding General, MokurenVictory Call, Polaris
Victory RoarVigueur the VigorViking Sword, Lacaille
Villainy the Heinous RefereeViolent Bullet, KunugiViolent Swing, Feuille
Virgin Bell, GiansarVirtual Player CardVirtuous Butterfly Wife, Nohime
Visiting Shrine, PrismVisiting Shrine, UglyVivid Japanese Umbrella, Cosmos
Vivid Performance, CurrentVocal Princess, MelchiorVoid Bringer
Volatilizing Superheat, EvaporationVolonte the WillVolunteering Hobby, Raspberyl
Voracious Holy Beast, Aura GulonVorpal Bunny Girl, EveVow to Become Main Character, Asagi
Vow to Overthrow Zenon, AdellVow to Revenge, KilliaWailing Girl, Banshee
Wait, I'm Going Now!Waiting for the Time, Berserk BikeWake Up—.
WakerWaking Black Rose, Eudi of Sakurakoji HouseWaking Demonic Prince, Alleluia
Waking Lily Doll, LilieWaking from Nap, ShiramineWalking Stevia
Wandering Bone, Bone ShipWandering Double-Edged Blade, WanderungWandering Head Crusher
Wandering SolitusWar-Ablaze Scorching ForestWar-Dispelling Izayoi Moon
War Wasp Soldier, Royal BrigadeWarbreak's Gunroar, Cannon ShellWarhammer Workshop, Pico
Warhorn Craftsman, Heavy HornWarlord of Gi, Sousou MoutokuWarming Brazen Bull
Warning Giant, ManganeseWarspear Craftsman, LanceWarspite
Warwind Tuner, PhosflammeWasp Soldier Army Surgeon, Royal MedicWasp Soldier Band Leader, Vesparose
Wasp Soldier First Lieutenant, Black StingWasp Soldier Queen, Vesparose of the SchemeWasp Soldier Queen, Vesparose of the Shore
Wasp Soldier Queen, Vesparose the MercilessWasp Soldier Swarmleader, SergeantyWaste Collection Machine, Gathering
Waste Fang, VerlierenWatcher of Sacred Tree, PurityWatching Mountain-Ash
Watchman of Death, WachterWatchman of Divine Gate, DhaulagiriWatchwolf of the Mourngate, Pfortner
Watchword of Hope, SnowdropWater-Striding Stealth Bug, Ukigusa StriderWater Scooter, Helical Fort
Watermelon Ladybug, Lady MelonWatermelon SplittingWaterside's Graceful Bird, Kalavinka
Waterside's Solace, NightingaleWave-Blade Craftsman, FlambergeWave Rhythm, Wilson
Wavecrash Pirate, Kuki YoshitakaWavering CradleWay to Spend through Intense Heat, Miseri
We Shall Assist You by Honor!Weapon CloudWeapon Master, Armed
Weaving Memories, HalterWelcome to the Tea Party, KurumiWheel of Fortune
Whimsical AmritaWhimsical King, MikeWhiplash Machine, Spanking
Whisper Into DespairWhite Dragon Miko, NinoWhite Dragon Miko, Nino (card)
White Fairy Bird, SetteWhite Flame Holy Beast, Aura KasoWhite Grimoire Princess, Pnakotic
White Heavens Engage, AnetoWhite Knight of the Sunlight, AlpamayoWhite Light Dragonwake, Innocent Star
White Light Holy Beast, LindwurmWhite Mountain Spirit, SnowmanWhite Phoenix of Holy Wings, Phosflamme
White Porcelain on the Waves, Pearl DolphinWhite Princess of Visions, White QueenWhite Snow Beastman, Were-Snow-Sheep
White WorldWhite World Saltation, Innocent StarWhite and Black Assignment
Wicked DragonWild Amber, Amber StegoWild Genesis Engage, Yasigi
Wild Sickle and Chain, HousenkaWildbloom Flame, CthughaWill-o'-Wisp That Shines in the Dark, Jack-o'-Lantern
Will That Thwarts Villainy, K2Will of Dual Sword, RindoWind-Cutting Blowgun, Kibushi
Wind-Cutting Windsong, MilyWind Devil, SylphidWinding Cheerful
Winding GarroteWindshear Wings, AxtWing Boarder, Reda
Wings of Affection, Muriel the Giant CrabWings of Benevolence, PhosflammeWings of Blue Sky, Xenon
Wings of Stars, CrepusWinterbringer Beast, HrodvitnirWireless Operator, Radio
Wise Beastman, Were-GorillaWise Cat of Thievery, Maine CoonWise Elder, Were-Owl
Wished Happiness, VesparoseWitch's Apprentice, LucaWitch's Familiar, Huninnmuginn
Witch Who Controls Puppet Soldiers, DronyaWitch Who Resents the World, ChelkaWitch Who Seeks Freedom, Chelka
Witch of Silver Shoes, DorothyWith My Friend, LilyWon't Miss Flower Viewing, Mike
Won't You Give It MeowWonder Healer, LuxuriaWonderful Float, Nei the Tombcastle Princess
Wonderful Life Engage, Shana SakurakojiWonderful Love Song, BenihimeWondrous Kingfisher, Easter Egg
Wood Man DWN-016Work Hard, FlonneWork Hard, Prinny
Working Lunar Deity, TsukuyomiWorkless Solar Deity, AmaterasuWorld's Strongest Demon Lord, Etna
World Chronicler, RegistreWorld Selection, ChloeWorldsearing Sword, Laevateinn
Wrapping-Around HangingWriting AbyssinianXI Flags
XI Flags, CespatiXI Flags, ClaudiaXI Flags, Frederica
XI Flags, LudwigXI Flags, SchubartXI Flags, Sciarrino
XI Flags, StamiraltzXI Flags, TartiniXI Flags, Welte
Yachiyo KamiyugiYachiyo Kamiyugi (card)Yachiyo and Almotaher, Oath to the Darkness Moon
YamashiroYamashiro (Retrofit)Yamato Tennoji
Yamato Tennoji (card)Yamato and Crepus, Oath to the Final CatastropheYasigi, Pledge of the Wild Genesis
Yearn for Fuka, DescoYog-SothothYou Shall Not Escape......!
Young City Guard, IoYounger Sister Who Affected by Witch Disease, MilmYour Own Cheer Squad, Motets
Yui, Prayer of the Helical OrderYukikazeYuni Tsukigata (card)
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