Powerful Swing, Sting BeatPowerful Yell☆MotetsPractitioner of Omerta, Bombay
Pram the OraclePrank Mascot, KarashinaPray to the Stars, Meteore
Preaching AnisePredatorPrelude to Collapse
Premium Pack - Z/Xpre!Pretty Heroine, MariePrevailing "Creation", Lulu
Preying Flybug, Sarracenia EnmaPrickling CutePrideful "Arrogance", Superbia
Priere the PrayerPrimeval Goliath, DaidaraPrince of Wales
Princess Chocola, Di Gi CharatPrincess Deity of Moonlight, TsukuyomiPrincess Diva, Ugly
Princess Hope! UglyPrincess Love Engage, UglyPringer X
Prinny (card)Prinny ClubPrinny Club Showgirl, Prin-chan
Prinny GodPrinny Master, EtnaPrinz Eugen
Prism, Pledge of the Starry LovePrism 1st Single "Yumemiru Kaleidoscope"Prism Producer
Prism with PecteilisPrivateer Footsteps, TorpedoPro Player, Coodle
ProloguePromotional CardsPromotional Cards Set 13 to Set 16
Promotional Cards Set 17 to Set 20Promotional Cards Set 1 to Set 4Promotional Cards Set 21 to Set 24
Promotional Cards Set 25 to Set 28Promotional Cards Set 29 to Set 32Promotional Cards Set 5 to Set 8
Promotional Cards Set 9 to Set 12Proof of GrowthPropagating Lykoi
Protagonist of Life, CatherineProtean Mecha-Shinobi, SynchrotronProtecting Comrades, Were-Squirrel
Protecting Family, Were-BearProtecting Friends, MutenmaruProtecting Love, Quartz Crab
Protecting Rozalin, AdellProtecting to the End, RigelProtective Goddess of Lighting and Flame, Athena
Protector's PrideProtector of Holy Prayer, FiertePrototype Bulin MKII & Universal Bulin
Proud Knowledge God, Thoth CaduceusProudful MuramasaProuesse the Prowess
Provoking LaharlPuissance the PowerPuluhtu
Pulverizing Whirlwind, FeuillePunishment CrossPuppet Soldier, Aster Knight
Puppet Soldier, Demon ReaperPuppet Soldier, Gothic CoppeliaPuppet Soldier, Shinobushi
Puppeteer Girl, PuellaPur the PurePure Blade of the Early Evening, Botan
Pure Bright Pearl, Pearl DolphinPure Corundum, Corundum GeckoPure Death God, Anubis Ma'at
Pure Diamond, Red Diamond KiwiPure Hound, Howlite HuskyPure Knight of the Sacred Moon, Ras Dashen
Pure Wedding, ShizukuPure White Bud, SolitusPure White Celestial, Holy Sky
Pure White Patronage, FiertePure White Silverflash, Holy SkyPure White Wings
Purely Diva, NuPurely Support! NuPurgatory Dragon, Furgatorie
Purifying Twin Shields, SagarmathaPurity Love Engage, NuPurple Claw in the Mire, Schneiden
Purple Gem of Unity, Rhodolite HyenaQillatuQuadruped Victor, Sieger
Quality & QuantityQuantum Shooter, RigelQuarrying Craftsman, Carriere
Que Sera SeraQueen's EntertainmentQueen Elizabeth
Queen of Beauty and Wisdom, SemiramisQueen of Desert, CleopatraQueen of Land of the Rising Sun, Himiko
Queen of Pillow Fight, MarieQueen of Plains, Calamity JaneQueen of Warrior, Zenobia
Queen of the World, MacaronQuick Analysis, MirfakQuick Start Deck
Quickening of AbolitionQuickening of BranchesQuickening of Machines
Quickening of RebirthQuickening of SpiritQuicksand Whirlwind, Sa Gojo
Quicksilver Fair Skin, Ame-no-MurakumoQuiet Azure Blaze, VegaQuiet Rosemary
Quinn ForsythR'lyeh, The Prayer-Call for Red GrimoireRabbit Girl, Were-Rabbit
Racing Instinct, Cobalt MononykusRadiant Dragon, Innocent StarRadical Melody, Esther
Radome Launcher, AlmachRaging JasmineRaging Laharl
Raging Skink, BogenRaid BattleRaid Hawk, Tarazed
Raiding Honeypot, MilzbrandRaiding LaharlRail Transport Craftsman, Railroad
Rain Caller Holy Beast, Aura HeqetRainbow-Colored Camelia, Brown CicadaRainbow-Winged Deer Spirit, Peryton
Rainbow Euphony, RignardRainbow Guardian Engage, Chitose AobaRainbow Light Canopy, Brown Cicada
Rallying Battlecry, SagarmathaRampage Machine, RampageRampaging Berserk Bike
Rampaging Guardian, SonneRangeRapid-Fire Matchlock, Miyama Kirishima
Rapid Performer, FitznellRarityRas Dashen's Follower, Karakoram
Rasetsu Regalia, CyclotronRaspberyl (card)Ravenously-Devouring Entity, Tsathoggua
Razing Disaster Prayer, Barahara D-MaidenRazoring CandyReal Face for You, Aneto
Real Horse-Riding Experience, NuRebel of Faith, SagarmathaRebellio the Rebellion
Rebellion of GuardianReboot PhaseRebuild
Rebuild Dragon PackReceiving Challenge, LaharlReceiving Thoroughly, Maine Coon
Reciter of the Dragon Voice, MenottiReciting Fate, Azumi and RigelReckless Wind, Rindo
Reclusive Scarlet Gem, Zincite HermitReconnoiter, ScheatReconstructor, Polaris
RecoverRed-Eyes of Darkness, NachtRed-Hot Transformation, Yttrium
Red-Scaled Fish Soldier, MermanRed Dragon Miko, MeiraruRed Dragon Miko, Meiraru (card)
Red Flame Thunder, Crocoite CoyoteRed Grimoire Princess, R'lyehRed Lightning Hunter, Rubellite Eagle
Red Sea King, Agate Killer WhaleRed Thunder Dragonwake, Lord CrimsonRed World
Red World Flight, Lord CrimsonReed Pipe Player, EisfeldRefined Beast Tamer, Mokutenryo
Refined Hirauchi Hairpin, HanamomoRefined Hunter, Morganite SpearRefined Polish, Kodachi
Refreshing Harmony, OrizururanRefreshing Summer Slider, Glass ElephantRefreshingly Shining Dance, Weibel
Refuge Eye Agate, Eye Agate WagtailRefugee from Parallel WorldRegicide Hero, Mordred
Regle the LawReia's DeterminationReia Sento
Reia Sento (card)Reia and Lawrencium, Oath to the Justice MightReigning Mike
Reincarnation Source, Ubbo-SathlaReinforcement Stroke, MuramasaReject Blow
Relaxed Beastman, Were-ElkRelaxing Hidden Inn, FierteRelaxing Hidden Inn, Sieger
Reliable Butler, Ural RexRelieved Soul, SpecterReminiscent Instrumentalist, Dylan
Reminiscent Young Warrior, RindoRemoveRemove Zone
Ren JingujiRencontrée the InterceptorRend Bloodstone, Blood Raven
Replying PrinnyResearcher of Awakened Fate Crystal, AriaelResearching Levkoy
Researching MyrtleResentful "Anastasis", NanayaReservation Campaign
Resolution BlastResolution Union, KiyomizuResource
Resource LinkResource PhaseResource Syndrome
Respected Divine General, Hannibal BarcaRespite from the God, SalieriResting Etna
Resting PrinnyRestoration Unit Commander, PhecdaRestraint Machine, Manacles
Resurrected Twilight, CrepusResurrection the RevivalRetaliation in Bitchu
Returned Girl, UsaliaReturnee from the Underworld, RevenantReturning Blow, Receive
Reunion Overboost!RevealRevenant, Black Arts
Revenant, Dark ScarRevenant, Dusk AxeRevenant, Ebony Clown
Revenant, Gloomy GhastRevenant, Slate IgnisRevenant, Twilight Ash
Revenge ForceRevered "Starsea", NingalReverent Sacrificial Spirit, Phosflamme
Reversal Auralite, Auralite KoalaRevolving Shot Moth, SAM Hawk MothRhythmical Whistle, Moe
Rich Beetle, Pieni DroneRiding Through the World, SomaliRigel
Rigel and Azumi, Intimate BondsRigel★ChristmasRighteous Brave Leader, Kan'u Unchou
RindoRindo & Eight Souls of the Black Sword - MaldicionRindo and Chitose, Tranquil Bonds
Ringer of the Freedom Bell, SousaRipping LackRising "Anastasis", Nanaya
Rising LaharlRivalry-Breaking Beast, AlmotaherRoad Biker, Clematis
Road to VictoryRoaming God, ZeusRoar at Beach! Orichalcum Tyranno
Roaring Union, NeodymiumRobust Steel, Steel GrizzlyRobust Union, Scandium
Rock'n Blue Prin-chanRolling Clock GearRomantic Melody Princess, Schubart
Romantic Music Squire, HuttenRookie Guardian, MarshallRookie Nursing Assistant, Catherine
Rookie Sales, CatherineRoot of Evil, Azi DahakaRose Bind, Gravy
Rose Helmet, Wild RoseRoses InductionRotating Dance, Garrote
Rotting Iron MaskRough Devil, RudeRough Prinny User, Etna
Round Table of the Deadly SinsRound and Round Memorial, CatherineRoyal Agent, White Queen
Royal Defender Engage, Type.XRoyal Guard, RigelRoyal Santa, Type.X
Royal SelectionRoyal Straight FlushRuin's Tip, Sieger
Ruin-Hell Dragon, Destiny BaneRuin-Hell Wave, Doom BlastRuin-Sky Dragon, Last Theorem
Ruination-Inviting Swordjail, Realm RazerRule EffectRuler of Beach Hut, Gula
Ruler of Corpse, Skeletal LordRuler of Divine Spirits, SolomonRuler of Flower Spirits, Hyakka Senshi
Ruler of Longan, Longan KagibaRuler of Wasp Soldier, Nameless Demonic Wasp PrincessRuler of the Blue Ice, Sedna
Ruler of the Wonderland, Red QueenRuling God of the Rapid Current, TiamatRumored DJ, Kalavinka
Rumored Swiftfoot Cat, Maine CoonRunaway Ex-Henchman, KijitoraRunning-Around Painful Wheel
Rushing Heavy Tank, CenturionRust-Colored Insect, Red DragonflyRustling Anko
Ruthless Fluorite, Fluorite LynxS-Class Mechanic, HindenburgS.Ray feat. Lawrencium
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