Fellow Blade Engage, Ayase KamiyugiFemale Pirate, Anne BonnyFemale Pirate, Charlotte the Dreamer
Female Pirate, Mary ReadFemale Ruler, Sokuten BukouFerocious Black Stone, Jet Lion
Ferocious Tiger's Eye Gem, Tiger's EyeFerryman of the Realm of Dead, CharonFestival Guy, Dill
Festival Music Heard in the Dream, MenottiFeuilleFeuille and Soma, Thorn-Cutting Bonds
Feuille is Always Energetic!Fevrier the FebruaryFickle Marjoram
Fickle Serpent, UraeusFierce Hunger, AnfangFierce Sardonyx, Sardonyx Cobra
FierteFierte and Asuka, Eternal BondsFierte the Pride
Fighter of the Floating Island, GekkakouFighting Spirit!Fighting Strong Wrestler
Filled with Feelings, SagaraFinal Boss In-Training, DescoFinal Catastrophe Engage, Yamato Tennoji
Final Live, AlexanderFine Play, Lord CrimsonFinest Supper, Iron Maiden
Finish Bullet, RigelFinishing Strike, Mobile Sword!Fire Ring of Unrivaled Might, Alexander
Fire Wyvern RathalosFirearms Craftsman, BurnerFirewood-Abandoning Flashfoot, Orichalcum Tyranno
Firm Horned Figner, AochidoriFirst-Aid Union, CuriumFirst Alumni of Academy's History, Raspberyl
First Chocolate, BansheeFirst Combat DeploymentFirst Meeting, Pecteilis
First Night Excitement, NohimeFirst Three Days of the New YearFishing Sanzashi
Fishing Squadron, TerbiumFive ChiefsFive Chiefs - Fate Chivalry, Were-Tiger
Five Chiefs - Fickle Swordsmaster, Were-CougarFive Chiefs - Heavenly Ear Ruffian, Guile TuskFive Chiefs - Heavenly Eye Ninja, Were-Jaguar
Five Chiefs - Swiftfoot Brawler, Were-PantherFive Chiefs - Were-Jaguar, Lollipop GirlFive Luminous Holy Beast
Five Luminous Holy Beast, IblisFive Luminous Holy Beast, MakaraFive Luminous Holy Beast, Ouroboros
Five Luminous Holy Beast, SaramaFlag on the Beach, RedaFlailing "Steelhammer", Shulshagana
Flame-Scorching Nightblossom, CthughaFlame Dance Talisman, KokibiFlame Devil, Ifrit
Flame Sovereign of the Beach, Marie AntoinetteFlame Witch, Lavily Lalula LaFlameflower Snake, Lamia
Flamesword, HououbokuFlamma the DragonflameFlamme Acceleration
Flapping GuillotineFlare Link Engage, LienFlash Saucer, Ascella
Flash of Righteousness, RindoFlashing Meteor Kick, Tirich MirFlat-Out Run Army Corps, Tank Heart
Flat-Out Run Iron Cavalry, Tank HeartFlat Server of the Speed of SoundFlawless Hardness, Diamond Wolf
Flawless Main Character Candidate, AsagiFlawless Three Musketeers, AramisFlaying Iron Maiden
Fleeting Love Songwriter, RegnierFlickering Light Trap, KillsectFloating Asagi
Floating GiftFloating Wise Cat, NephriteFlonne (card)
Flonne the DitzFlonne the Fallen AngelFlonne the Love Freak
Flooding "Cadence", TiamatFlorid Dancing Fan, HanamizukiFlow Ring Wave, Rigel
Flower-Dwelling Clary SageFlower-Patterned Ladybug, Floral BugFlower-Picking Marigold
Flower-Selling BalineseFlower-Viewing Somei YoshinoFlower Dragon, Ivy Wing
Flower Tunnel Exploration Team, EchidnaFlower Wind, Life StormFlower of Production, Miraa
Flower of Warring States, Mori RanmaruFlowering Spirit, KalavinkaFluent Golfer, Albatross
Fluffy Purge, MalchidaelFlustered Girl, Were-BeaverFluttering Cocoa
Fluttering Illusion, IrohaFluttering Pinwheel, TakanohasusukiFluttering Uncertainty, Flying Polyp
Fluttery SolitusFly HighFly to Night, Almotaher
Flying Amethyst, Amethyst SwallowFlying Beryl, Beryl SquirrelFlying Fluff, Fluff Bomberry
Flying Malachite, Malachite BatFlying Sawtooth, ZackeFlying Seedwings, Dandelion
Flying Sword Craftsman, ShurikenFog Witch, NezariaFoliage Dragonfly, Pachira Wing
Food Tour Report, NuForbidden Treasure of Perjury, Creeping CoinForce
Force ZoneForeseeing the Truth, NephriteForeshore Alice
Foresighted NephriteForging Blacksmith, ForgeForgotten Midsummer, Red Queen
Fort Craftsman, CastleFort Queen, TelluriumFortress Craftsman, Citadel
FortuneFortune-Telling ShiroFortune Gadfly, Strawgad
Four-Wheels Workshop, Land CruiserFour ArchangelsFour Archangels - Michael S.K.
Four Archangels - Raphael A.K.Four Archangels - Uriel A.T.Four Archangels of the End - Azazel the Divine Scythe
Four Archangels of the End - Metatron the Divine FlameFour Archangels of the End - Sandalphon the Divine MelodyFour Insect Sovereigns
Four Insect Sovereigns - Derangement Empress, Hell ThornFour Insect Sovereigns - Fragment Jaw King, Thunder AtlasFour Insect Sovereigns - Rupture Blade King, Mantis Burg
Four Insect Sovereigns - Slavery Queen, VesparoseFour Wicked StarsFour Wicked Stars - Adlerubel the Atrocious
Four Wicked Stars - Demonic Beast of Demise, EndeFour Wicked Stars - Hoelscher the VenomousFox Bride in White Kimono, Purity
Fox Girl, Were-FoxFox Summer, TamamoFox Wedding, Synchrotron
Fraga Machina, RigelFragment of PowerFragment of Shining Wish, K2
Fragrant Poison Needle, ShikimiFrantic Holy Serpent, Aura HydraFrederica
Frederica & Nei the Tombcastle PrincessFree-Spirited Girl, FeuilleFree Card
Free Heroine, EtnaFree Set: Kaiten MutenmaruFree Set 1-1: Crimson Hero & Jet-Black Devil
Free Set 1-2: Dark Green Treefolk & Pure White AngelFree Set 1-3: Azure Mechanical SoldierFree Set 10: Radiant Holy Beast & Large Flower Bud
Free Set 11: Strike of Dawn & Jester of DuskFree Set 12: Admiral of Ocean & White Smoke of FuneralFree Set 13: Flame-Blooded Serpent King & Sonata of Waves
Free Set 14: Queen of Moonless Dawn & Hunter of MangroveFree Set 15: Wish of the Saint & Ambition of the Dragon KingFree Set 16: Tango of Angel and Cat
Free Set 17: Million SoldierFree Set 18: Trick & TrapFree Set 19: Justice Kunoichi
Free Set 20: Twinkle StarsFree Set 21-1: Calamity RequiemFree Set 21-2: Queen of Conspiracy
Free Set 22: Tyrant FeverFree Set 23: Nyaddo MaxFree Set 24: Eternal Engage
Free Set 2: Crimson Pyroxene & Strategy of Blue SkyFree Set 3: Round Dance of Dark Night & Melody of SunlightFree Set 4: Blue Sky Lion & Silver Guardian
Free Set 5: Maiden of Crusade & Great Tree of ParadiseFree Set 6: Magical Beast of Prominence & Revenant of DarknessFree Set 7: Oath of Blue Waters & Gorgeous Flower Dance
Free Set 8: War God's Embrace & Celestial Light HammerFree Set 9: Iron Knight of Blue Sky & Sword Demon of LamentFreedom Flight, Aluminium Humming
Freewheeling AmritaFreezing Machine, FreezeFreight Transport, Camion
Fresh Skill - Prominence SalmonFriend-Covering Dedication, AmritaFriendly Lunch
Friends Call, Were-SquirrelFriendship-Protecting Gunpoint, RigelFrivolous Three Musketeers, Porthos
Frolicking in Autumn Leaves, Were-DholeFrowning "Terror", EnlilFrugal Knife, Sumire
Fruits of the ThanksFubukiFuka the Hat-Only Prinny
Full Bloom Smile, DandelionFur Trader, NorwegianFurball Beastman, Were-Angora
Furious Black Thunder, SiegerFury of the Demon PrincessFuso Dragon, Axis Leaf
FusouFussing NoisyFuture-Telling Ox Man, Kudan
Future Big Actress, Di Gi Charat
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