FAQFAQsFabled Cursed Tome, Tractatus de Monstrum
Fairy King of Good Harvest, FreyrFairy Princess, BasilFairy of Love, Psyche
Faithful Dual Sword, EnokiFaithful Warrior Woman, Tomoe GozenFall into Crisis, Rigel
Fallen Angel KillerFallen Angel of Grief, LuciferFallen Angel of Resentment, Satan
Fallen AshFallen Blackstar, Star WarriorsFallen Horned Beast, Brechen
Falling Spear, SpeerFalse Justice, AltairFamilial Little Sister, Shizuku
Fang-Shaped Fiercefoot, Were-PantherFang CrushFang Hunter, Jager
Fang of Fresh Blood, SoldatFang of Gluttony, GulaFanged Bone Dog, Bone Keeper
Fangseed Bud, BeckyFantasy Butterfly, SwallowtailFantasy Dream Engage, Honome Chogasaki
Far North Beastman, Were-EmperorFascination the CharmFastidious Greenstone, Moldavite Racoon
Fatal StormFate-Liberating Blade, CyclotronFate-Turning Goddess, Fortuna
Fate Escort, Were-CatFate Innovator, DenebolaFate of Z/X
Fealty Knight, SagarmathaFearless Tonfa, ShakuyakuFeast of Darkness & Festival of the Holy Light
Feathered Robe of Elegant Dragon Celestial, PurityFeathers Dyed CrimsonFeeding Fat
Feeding PassionFeelings That Pass Each OtherFeinting Laharl
Fellow Blade Engage, Ayase KamiyugiFemale Pirate, Anne BonnyFemale Pirate, Charlotte the Dreamer
Female Pirate, Mary ReadFemale Ruler, Sokuten BukouFerocious Black Stone, Jet Lion
Ferocious Tiger's Eye Gem, Tiger's EyeFerryman of the Realm of Dead, CharonFestival Guy, Dill
Festival Music Heard in the Dream, MenottiFeuilleFeuille and Soma, Thorn-Cutting Bonds
Feuille is Always Energetic!Fevrier the FebruaryFickle Marjoram
Fickle Serpent, UraeusFierce Hunger, AnfangFierce Sardonyx, Sardonyx Cobra
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