EX:FUTURIZE (card)Ea, Prayer of the Endless WorldEa & Barahara
Early Spring Bud, MansakuEarnest Appeal, CrepusEarnest Beat Performer, Leopold
Earnest Idol, KodachiEarth's Nail, Noble GroveEarth Gifts Prayer, Theogonius
Earth Shield, Passu SarEarth Trust Engage, AyameEase Performer, Nicolea
Easygoing RurijissaEating Flesh and Blood, JiangshiEating Ice Cream, Etna
Ecdallion the Fallen DarknessEcho Drum, VeilaEclair the Flash
Eclipse Shooter, SpicaEcrire the LetterEcstasy Time
Eeny☆Meeny FunnyEerie Dentist, Dental DoctorEight-Hundred-and-Eight Corpse General, Chouhi Ekitoku
Eight-Way Meteor of Lunar Mansion, KimikagesouEight Great Dragon KingsEight Great Dragon Kings, Anavatapta
Eight Great Dragon Kings, ManasvinEight Great Dragon Kings, NandaEight Great Dragon Kings, Sagara
Eight Great Dragon Kings, TaksakaEight Great Dragon Kings, UpanandaEight Great Dragon Kings, Utpalaka
Eight Great Dragon Kings, VasukiEight Precious BeautiesEight Precious Beauties - Absolute Queen, Mastiha
Eight Precious Beauties - Fragrant Girl, Ylang-YlangEight Precious Beauties - FreesiaEight Precious Beauties - Honest Melody, Stokesia
Eight Precious Beauties - Innocent CinnamonEight Precious Beauties - Mischief Queen, LaurelEight Precious Beauties - Spring Breeze Princess, Pecteilis
Eight Souls of the Black SwordEight Souls of the Black Sword - Body-Extinguishing Wickedblade, MaldicionEight Souls of the Black Sword - Deathbringer Sword, Maldicion
Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Fishing Alone in Summer Sea, MaldicionEight Souls of the Black Sword - FourbeaterEight Souls of the Black Sword - Funeral Sword, Mournbrand
Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Grief RoarEight Souls of the Black Sword - Maldicion, Death MetalEight Souls of the Black Sword - Maldicion, Fang of Howling Darkness
Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Maldicion, Invitation to FeastEight Souls of the Black Sword - Maldicion DriveEight Souls of the Black Sword - Maldicion the Fiendish Wail
Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Ruinwake Cutting Sword, MaldicionEight Souls of the Black Sword - Skyslayer Darksword, MaldicionEight Souls of the Black Sword - Unleashed Wickedsword, Maldicion
Eight Souls of the Black Sword - Vorpal StingElaborate Hammer, RukousouElder Sister Who Hates the Witch Disease, Amalie
EldridgeEldritch SpawnElectric Idol, Io
Electric Shock Machine, ElekiterElectric Typhoon, RastabanElectrode Craftsman, Stun
Electronic Appliance Union, TantalumElectronic Performer, BarberaElegant Hyogo-Kusari-Dachi, Shukaidou
Elegant Stage Princess, MaryElegy Spinner, HaydnElegy of Military Rule, Alexander
Elephant-Serpent of Calamity, GrootslangElephant Master, HannibalElimination Machine, Dozer
Ember Slash of Karmic Flame, RyuubiEmerald Air Engage, MastihaEmergency! Cyclotron
Emissary of Envy, EifersuchtEmissary of Lust, PassioniEmissary of Pride, Vanus
Emissary of Sloth, FaulpelzEmissary of Wrath, ArcusEmperor's Voice Insect, Bell Echo
Emperor Dragon, Lord CrimsonEmperor Dragon VS Radiant DragonEmpress of Grudge, Skull Empress
Empress of Silent Anger, IraEmpyreal Dream, HindenburgEncounter in the Seashore, Frederica
Encounter in the Spring, SemarglEncounter with Absolute Death, SiegerEnd Phase
End without Vanishing with Foam, CelineEndless Glory "Creation", LuluEndless Munch, Lack
Endless Overlordship, AlexanderEndless World Prayer, Ea D-MaidenEnduring Spirit, Volonte
Enemy Army AreaEnergeiaEnergetic Childhood Friend, Feuille
Engine Craftsman, AngelaEnjoy Beach Girl, NuEnjoy Frame
Enjoying Day Off, TartiniEnjoying Holiday, ParallelEnjoying New Year, Chamomile
Enjoying Victory, Mid-BossEnjoying the Sea, Laharl-chanEnlightened Birdman, Were-Crow
EnochEnoch - "I'll take the best you have"Enormous Hidden Fencing, Kaoriendou
EnterpriseEnthusiastic DJ, GiulioEnthusiastic Electric Chair
Enthusiastic FlonneEnthusiastic Singing Fairy, LilyEnthusiastic Summer Song, Lily
Entrusted with Courage Test, Ghost Cat
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