CEO Driving on Beloved Car, CyclotronCROSS JUSTICECait Sith
Cait Sith MarketCake-Cutting Ceremony, AyameCalamity Bind, Lien
Calamity BlastCalamity End, AlmotaherCalamity Headpiece, Lanze
Calamity Machine, CalamityCalled Recluse, Mi-GoCalm Evening Diva, Smetina
Calm Silver Steel, Metal HoundCalming Beat, LawesCamouflage Machine, Invisible
Cancer Bunny, MurielCanine Princess, ScyllaCanna, the End of Dream, Fireworks, and Summer
Canna the Erupting DelusionCannon Tamer, MimosaCaptivating Melody, Leanan Sidhe
Captivating Performer, PucciniCaptive Hollow Giant, Huge GigasCapture
Caraway of the Sleeping ForestCard Classification and LimitationsCard Device
Card Device EngineerCard GamerCard Type
Carefree Beastman, AmritaCarefree Paradise Fierte-sanCarelessness
Caretaking FlaxCaring SiberianCarl Wyvern
Carl Wyvern (card)Carnage Overlord, PrinnyCarnation
Carver of Clear Sound, RaftCarving Birdman, Were-QuetzalCarving Chisel
Casino Queen, InvidiaCastle-Toppling Beauty, ChousenCastle of Science, Bismuth
Castle of the Sand God, LuluCastle of the Speed of Sound, DarmstadtiumCasual Mode, Rigel
Casual Shinobi, MiaplaCat Girl, Were-CatCat Goddess of Blazing Sun, Bastet
Cats Running Around in YardCautious Paper Binder, CathyCavalry Assault, Kavallerist
Cave Exploration, PepperCavorting BlindCelaeno, The Prayer-Call for Black Grimoire
Celestial Dancer, FierteCelestial Dragon, Holy SkyCelestial Ray, Gem Shine
CentaurCentaur Sage, ChironCenter Area
Central Defender, GanymedeCeramic-Making SingapuraCeremonial Sword of Happiness, Orizururan
Chain BindChain of Death, KetteChamberlain under the Blazing Sun, Stab of the Tombcastle
Champion's Tremor SpearChaos-Leaping Daydream, ShantaksChaos Eternal
Chaos Summer, NyarlathotepChaos of Reason, AliceChaperone Elder
Character Pack - AlmotaherCharacter Pack - Miko of the BeginningCharacter Pack - Orichalcum Tyranno
Character Pack - RigelCharacter Pack - VesparoseCharge
Charge-Inducing Tune, IsakovskyCharge LinkCharging Brave General, Hannibal
Charging Jasper, Mookaite HogCharismatic PersiaCharm Dragon Awakening, Luxuria the Lust
Charm SpellCharming Flower of Celebration, PurityCharming Princess of the Split Table, Guinevere
Charming Summer Love, MenottiCharming Valentine, MarieCharming Whisper, Luxuria
Chasing Handcuffs, SchakelChattering CathyCheckmate! Red Queen
Cheeping FunnyCheerful AmritaCheerful Asagi
Cheerful BurmeseCheerful Caltrop, ShakunageCheerful Miko, Komomo
Cheerful Sun God, Apollon Agana BeleaCheerful Tea Time, Lemon TeaCheery Warrior, Rabbit
Chef of Choral, TetsujinChelka (card)Cherry Blossom Butterfly, Full Blossom
Cherry Blossom Crest, Cherry BeetleCherry Blossom Dragon, Noble GroveCherry Blossom Wings of Green Dragon, Sagara
Chewing Bunny, StrawberryChewing True FangChewing Vise
Chief Butler of Sakurakoji House, Eudi the Black RoseChief Butler of a Twistful Trap, EudiChief Clerk, Skeletal Sales
Chief Director Promotion, Skeletal SalesChild-Raising Beastman, Were-OpossumChildhood Friend, Kurara
Chindon'ya, RagamuffinChirp of Spring, Were-HoronisChitose & Rindou
Chitose AobaChitose Aoba (card)Chitose and Rindo, Oath to the Rainbow Guardian
ChloeChocolate Fairy of Love, PsycheChocolate Sommelier, Maine Coon
ChocolteChoking Machine, SuffocateChopping Flying Scissors
Chopping Vorpal ScytheChosen Calamity, BeelzebubChouchou the Favorite
Christmas LuxuriaChristmas MammonChristmas Purity
Chromatic Dragon, Ammolite EuoploceCiel, the "Schwarz"Ciel the Sky
Cinematographer SeychelloisCircular Drill, GirtabCircular Flower Tune, Amy
City Guard, PhecdaClash of the Blue and RedClash of the Two Rivals
Claws-Fangs-and-Tail Attack, Orichalcum TyrannoClay Sacred Horse, Honey-BaCleaning Bobtail
Clear-Stream Spinner, UndineClear Sky Dragon Knight, TurkishClearheaded Nephrite
ClevelandClock Craftsman, ClockworkClose Beside, Rigel
Close Classmates, Shiramine-san & Aoyama-sanClose Friends, Kuro & MocaClose Sisters, Kurumi & Shizuku
Clothing Craftsman, LuxuryCloud-Piercing Sequoia BeetleClumsy Valentine, Macaron
Cnidocyte Floatbest, NematocystCoated Knight, GawainCocoon of Devil King, Kid
Code PirulukCode reunionCoffee Shop Clerk, Sumika Aoyama
Collaps the Rampart BreakerColorColor-Changing Lizard, Apple Chameleon
Colorful Lantana, SuzumushiColossi Craftsman, ColossusCombat Corpse Ogre, Assault Corpse
Combined PowerCome into Battle, RigelComet Shoot
CommanderCommander of Divine Soldiers, ScipioCommunication Machine, Correspond
Complete Awakening, Berserk BikeCompliment to Formidable Enemy, AlexanderComposed Stare, Nephrite
Compressor Machine, SqueezeConcealed-Carry SonnenschutzanConcealed Clearstone, Phenacite Kentro
Concealed Shuriken, OtogirisouConcluding Slash, KuroashinekoCondensing Snake Scale, Schuppe
Conductor, AmadiusConductor of Sword Tricks, CrepusConfined Loner, Solitus
Confining Spike CageConflict Between Freedom and Bonds, SiseraConfront Order
Conjugated Hollow Giant, Huge CorpseConjuring Machine, ConjurerConnect Shoot
Conquest Machine, ConquerorConspicuous Shimmering Gold, Gold PeacockConstruction Worker, Sagarmatha
Contagious Depravity, KorruptContest "A-Z"Contest Feuille
Contest LuxuriaContinuous Scream, Bungee JumperContrat the Contract
Cooking Beastman, Were-HamsterCool-Headed Kimentou, NarukoyuriCool Police, Type.X
Corpse-Emperor of Desert, Skull EmperorCorpse Mother of Grief, LloronaCorrosive Scalebeast, Massstab
Corrosive Viscoid, KorrosionCorrupted AuraCorundum of Crimson Divinity, Ruby Howl
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