Lloigor Dynamics (ロイガー・ダイナミクス Roigā Dainamikusu) is a member of the Knights of the Round Table.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

One of the companies that formed the Round Table.

Originally based in Wales, United Kingdom, it was a company that started out as a small factory who mostly made parts for aircraft. But like other munition companies, they started to grow during the first and the second World War. In cooperation with the Hydra Foundation, they produced equipment for the Cold War arms race and various American-Soviet proxy wars, resulting in them ending up an important part of the America-British military-industrial complex.

In addition, Lloigor Dynamics not only participated in munitions, but also equipment for the America and Soviet Union space race, they are responsible for the design of the Lunar Module, and helped make the United States' landing on the moon a success.

After the Apollo program ended, they continued to make breakthroughs in areas such as stealth fighters and military robots, though it's rumored that engineers of Lloigor Dynamics that rode on the Lunar Module discovered the ruins of non-human intelligent life on the far side of the Moon and obtained technology that transcends human understanding.

The attribute of their mask is "Ira (wrath)".


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