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Lindwurm Association (リンドヴルム協会 Rindowurumu Kyōkai) is the organization that led the world to the future of Green World.

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An environmental NPO (Non-Profit Organization) based in France that is concerned with global warming and is interested with the afforestation of African deserts. But, the true purpose of the organization's founder is to end war and conflict by making every living thing on the world a plant, which would render everything effectively immortal.

"Lindwurm Association" grew due to their successes of biotechnology plant, was able to afforest deserts, as the plants there could evolve and adapt themselves to the harsh environment, but due to DNA of various parasitic plants having been deliberately mixed into these bio-tech plants, they began to become parasites on all sorts of animals, including insects and humans. As a result all the organisms that lived on the land began to turn into plants (Leaferification of humanity).

The founder herself eventual turned into the "Great Tree Yggdrasil" that covered the entire Earth, which releases the seeds of her bio-tech plants that continue to further her ideals.

In Europe and the United States, after this bio-tech plants went out of control, humans incorporated traits and features of animals into their own bodies to build resistance to the slow corruption of being turned into a plant, resulting in people who returned to a more primal nature (Lycanthropefication of humanity). In Asia, to prevent their transformation into plants, people extracted the antibodies in the insects that has been corrupted by the plants, as a result these people stay closest to their original humanity (Houraification of humanity).

"07 December 2017" addition

Its originator is Kisara Domeki.

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