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Life Recovery (ライフリカバリー Raifu Rikabarī) is a keyword ability.

Like the name suggest, Life Recovery allow a player to recover their Life by putting an additional card from the top of the deck face-down into the Life. However, this ability can only be used if the card with this ability appear from the player's Life, and only if the player current Life is equal to or less than the opposing player's Life.

All cards with this ability are Cost 3 Z/X with 5000 or less Power and Ignition Icon. They may also possess another ability other than Life Recovery.

Since every cards with Life Recovery also possessed an Ignition Icon, they still count towards the 20 Ignition Icon requirements of a deck. A player may only have a maximum of 4 cards with Life Recovery in their deck. The current reminder text of Life Recovery ability is shown below:

【常】 ライフリカバリー【有効】 スクエア 【効果】 このカードがライフから登場する際、あなたのライフが相手のライフ以下ならば、1点回復する。)

[Always] Life Recovery ( <Valid> Square <Effect> As this card appears from Life, if your Life is equal to or less than your opponent's Life, recover 1 Life.)

While Life Recovery itself is currently printed and categorized as continuous ability, several older cards have the ability printed as automatic ability.

For the list of all cards with Life Recovery ability, see Category:Life Recovery.

Comprehensive Rules

1102 Life Recovery

  • 1102.1 Life Recovery ability is a continuous ability that applied as the card in Life is played due to damage to player.
  • 1102.2 "Life Recovery" means " <Valid> All <Effect> As you successfully played this card from Life and make it appear on any Square, if the number of cards in your Life is equal to or less than the number of cards in your opponent's Life, move the top card of your Deck Zone into your Life."

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