Life (ライフ Raifu) is the zone to put the cards that represent a player "life" in the game. At the start of the game, each player starts with 4 cards in their Life. Life can be lost or reduced by damage dealt from attacks directed on empty Player Square or from a card's effect. Additionally, when a player decked out, they lose a Life after rebuilding the deck.

A player loses the game if their Life is reduced to zero at any point during the game.

Comprehensive Rules

307 Life

  • 307.1 Zone to put the cards that related to player loss condition.
  • 307.2 Life is a hidden zone. If a card is put into Life, it is put there as the topmost card. It is possible to arbitrarily change the order of cards in your own Life.
  • 307.3 If an ability or effect refers to the Life value of a player, it refers to the number of cards in that player's Life.

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