Leviathan (リヴァイアサン Rivaiasan) is one of the three security forces in the Blue World alongside Bahamut (バハムート Bahamūto) and Ziz (ジズ Jizu).

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The name of the security force lead by Original XIII Type X and Type XII. Comprising of a mixture of Battle Dress and Killer Machines, they mostly deal with things on the ocean or at harbors and ports.

As for other units, Type VI and VIII are in charge of the ground force "Bahamut", Type II and IV are in charge of the aerial force "Ziz".

In the Blue World, the supercomputer "Schuster" created a new world-wide Computer Network System to replace the Internet, that was connected to surveillance cameras all across the planet, when accidents or trouble occurs, Schuster is able to dispatch orders immediately to the security forces to arrive on the scene almost instantaneously.



The security force in charge of the ocean. They are focused on Mermaid extermination and doubles as Schuster's Rebel Suppression Force.

Known Members


The security force in charge of the land. They deals with various tasks such as guarding the streets and handling the rampaging Killer Machines.

Known Members


The security force in charge of the sky. They were under the direct supervision of Vega.

Known Members


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