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I Want to Use It Now Z/XR Campaign (今、使いたいZ/XRキャンペーン) or Legend Campaign is a campaign that ran from 28 May 2016 in various Z/X official card shops.

By purchasing any Z/X booster packs or Starter Decks for a total amount of 1000 JPY in the store that run the campaign, you will receive promotional pack containing a random promotional card version of Z/XR cards from older sets with new card frame and text for a total of 5 different cards.

In addition, the promotional pack may also contain a special ticket that can be exchanged with a "Million Soldier" deck that was manufactured as regular card and has the limitation text for some cards that was going to be included in Booster 17: Code:Dingir - Chain Betrayal removed.

Promotional Cards

Color Number Name Type
Red P16-017 Mischievous Nine-Tails, Dakki Z/X
Blue P16-018 Original XIII Type.I "A-Z" Z/X
White P16-019 Four Archangels - Uriel A.T. Z/X
Black P16-020 Fallen Angel of Grief, Lucifer Z/X
Green P16-021 Noble Queen, Laurel Z/X

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