Löwe Ende (レーベ・エンデ Rēbe Ende) is 65th NanaoXX (clones of Nanao Shishishima) and the pilot of Irregular X BrighTron.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The 65th NanaoXX (Nanao Numbers), clones of Nanao L. Shishishima. Her formal name is Nanao00Le. Her name origin comes from the original's middle name "Löwe", and "Ende" that means "the end". She is created not by Administrator Canopus, but under the direction of Administrator Arcturus as the "Irregular X 0th machine".

Because she is created with the original Nanao's early childhood as the base, she has no knowledge of ninjutsu and also can't speak Japanese. Her synchronization rate with the Tron-Class Metal Fortress is extremely high compared to the other 64 clones, but on the other hand, she is easily tired and shows various signs of immaturities. In order to reduce the burden on her body a bit, she is normally put into sleep by nanomachines inside her body. She has the same blond hair as the original.


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