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Kuzuryu Gakuin University (九頭竜学院大学 Kuzuryū Gakuin Daigaku) is a university and graduate school located in Kitakyūshū, Japan.

Its notable students are Mikado Kurosaki and Honome Chogasaki. Professor Carl Wyvern is also an alumni of this university.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Dr. Noriyuki Kuzuryu, the winner of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, used his own funds to establish a specialized university and graduate school that would be at the very forefront of scientific and technological research. Said to also having backing from the Japanese government, its study environment and research facilities are so advanced that national universities can't even hold a candle to them, and gladly accepts stellar foreign students from all across the globe.

Mikado Kurosaki entered the university at the age of 15, and now currently continues research into human cloning at the graduate school.

"07 December 2017" addition

While this is only a theory, the university has turned out a large number of originators of the Red World and Blue World.

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