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Knights of the Round Table or KORT (円卓会議 Entaku Kaigi, literally means "Round Table Conference") is a major organization that led to the future of Black World.

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This is the shape of our "future" should it be controlled by the Black World.

Due to a major worldwide economic depression, the finances of major countries across the planet failed, including United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan—

As a result, corporate giants in each of the 7 regions began to grow large enough to completely dominate the world economy. Ultimately a meeting was organized where only the top brass of those 7 corporations would meet, the Round Table Conference. After the Round Table Conference, they effectively controlled the entire world.

With all the money in the world at their fingertips, the top brass of the Round Table began to act like nobles, and when their sheer greed and lust caused them to demand perpetual youth and immortality.... They placed masks on their faces. Taking away the life force of those they killed, these people, who were promised eternal life, came to be known by the terrified people as the "Seven Deadly Sins".

The owners of those masks remade their own bodies into forms more suitable for killing others and stealing their life energy. Furthermore, they pushed the development of creatures such as the Predator and Tortures to aid them in battle. Moreover, they developed the Nosferatu in order to reuse the corpses. Horrifyingly, the Nosferatu caused even more Nosferatu to be created....

While the entire world was plunged into chaos, the Seven Deadly Sins, who were the root of all these horrors, finally became truly immortal. Instead of killing people to take away their life force, these strange looking people killed others only as a way to pass the infinite time.

Black World is a ghostly and ruinous future that one can only hope for....

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