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Key (鑰匙 Yakushi) is one of the designation given by the Dingir to certain individuals.

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5 songstresses who weaves hymn that able to break through all sorts of seals. It is said to be led by the one with Dingir factor.

"24 January 2019" addition

They are people that possessed beautiful vocal, whom the Dingir has captivated with since the beginning. Kalavinka, Frederica, Misaki Yuzuriha, Banshee, and Pecteilis are the 5 people that meet the criteria. Each of them are just someone with "exceptional singing ability", but if all 5 of them singing together in chorus with their hearts as one, the melody will turn into a waveform that able to release all sorts of seals.

They continued to be affected by the Dingir's influence in Dynamis without the protection of the Dragon Miko, and both Frederica and Pecteilis are quickly debilitated. With their life on the line, they agreed to release the gods sealed beyond the Dynamis. However, due to the wit of Honome Chogasaki who rushed up to rescue the kidnapped Kalavinka, the accompanying Azumi Kagamihara was presented to sing as the "6th person". The unsealing process was completed in imperfect state because of the impurity mixed in the melody, and the Dingir Tiamat who was entrusted with the operation was disgraced.

In addition, for the sake of Azumi Kagamihara's honor, she is by no means tone-deaf.

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