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For the Player Card, see Kasuga Kurosaki (card).

Kasuga Kurosaki (黒崎春日 Kurosaki Kasuga) is a character in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

A quiet girl who is the younger sister of Mikado Kurosaki. She is a spitting image of Sera Kurashiki, even though they have no blood relation at all.

Her body was hijacked by a duplicate soul after she wore the Mask of the Divine Progenitor of Greed. Since then, her own soul is wandering the Dark Realm. She was weakened as times goes by, but managed to avoid being extinguished because of the protection of Izumo Miyakonojo who was also sent to the Dark Realm.

Afterwards, her soul was returned to the present world due to the destruction of Dark Realm. The duplicate personality was sealed back to the mask and she was fully revived as a human. Originally, souls sent to the Dark Realm are destined to be immediately extinguished, and there has never been a single case in the past where someone who was turned into Diabolus returned back to being human.

Because her growth was halted when she was turned into Diabolus, she looked like around 10-years-old. Her true age is 13-years-old.

Hearing rumor about the grimoire Necronomicon while searching for her brother, she aimed for the Tombcastle.

"Kasuga is not pleased. You are not allowed to be lazy"

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