Graceful Exquisite Voiced Bird, Kalavinka ((れい)妙声鳥(みょうせいちょう) 迦陵頻伽(かりょうびんが) Rei no Myōseichō Karyōbinga), or simply known as Kalavinka, is the Partner Z/X of Honome Chogasaki.

Their meeting was no coincidence however, in truth, she was a Mythos dispatched by Honome Chogasaki who has become the Three Wise Men in the future of Red World. Receiving the favor as the Professor's best masterpiece, she arrived in the present to stop the rampage of Mikado Kurosaki and Sera Kurashiki. Since the image differences between the Professor and Honome of the present is too extreme, she takes a bitter attitude.


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