For the Player Card, see Izumo Miyakonojo (card).

Izumo Miyakonojo (都城出雲 Miyakonojō Izumo) is a character in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

A young man that trust and support the Self-Defense Forces Kitakyūshū Army chief executive, Mikado Kurosaki. However, he began to have a doubt in the "Capital Recapture" that was announced by Mikado, and rush to him in order to find his true motive.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The person who commands Self-Defense Forces Kitakyūshū Army. 24-years-old. Admired the ability of Mikado Kurosaki as an excellent strategist, he turn over the chief executive position to him.

He honored Mikado who aims to recapture the capital as "Mr. Strategist", but after knowing that he is only using them for his own selfish purpose, the trust turns into hatred.

"I will judge the war criminal, Mikado Kurosaki"


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