Invitation to Struggle (闘争への誘い) is the Free Card Deck that included with Card Gamer Vol. 5 (published 31 July 2012).

Card List

Color Number Card Name Type Quantity
Red F01-002 Queen of Desert, Cleopatra Z/X 4
Red F01-003 Divine Messenger of Sun, Yatagarasu Z/X 2
Red F01-004 Tender Glass, Glass Elephant Z/X 4
Red F01-005 Heavy Stone, Stone Turtle Z/X 2
Red F01-006 Dignified Divine Emperor, Augustus Z/X 3
Black F02-002 Fanged Bone Dog, Bone Keeper Z/X 4
Black F02-004 Powerful Swing, Sting Beat Z/X 4
Black F02-005 Sure-Kill Arrow, Pfeil Z/X 4
Black F02-007 Curse Diffusion Event 3
Black F02-009 Mascot Character, Rincle Player 1
Green F03-001 Beastman, Were-Bear Z/X 4
Green F03-002 Rose Helmet, Wild Rose Z/X 4
Green F03-003 Expert of Future, Tanpopo Z/X 2
Green F03-004 Easygoing Rurijissa Z/X 4
Green F03-005 Beastman, Were-Antler Z/X 4
Green F03-006 Powerful Pike, Kakitsubata Z/X 2
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