Infinite Solitude (stylized as InfiniteSolitude in the text) is a keyword ability that activates when the card with this ability appear on Square. As of now, this ability is only possessed by "Twin Star Regalix, Cyclotron".

The current reminder text of Infinite Solitude ability is shown below:

【自】 InfiniteSolitudeこのカードが登場した時、このカード以外のスクエアにあるあなたのゼクスを好きな枚数選び、手札に戻す。

Comprehensive Rules

1108 Infinite Solitude

  • 1108.1 Infinite Solitude ability is an automatic ability from a card appearance.
  • 1108.2 "Infinite Solitude" means "When this card appear, choose any number of your Z/X on Square excluding this card, and return them to hand."
  • 1108.2a You can opt to choose 0 amount of card, and do not return any cards to hand as the result.

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