Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- Wiki

Ignition Phase (イグニッションフェイズ Igunisshon Feizu) is the fourth phase of a turn after Resource Phase and also the last phase before Main Phase.

During this phase, the turn player may choose to perform Ignition or skip to the Main Phase. Certain Z/X has automatic abilities and effects that either has the timing of "at the start of the Ignition Phase" or only triggered if said Z/X appeared during Ignition Phase.

Comprehensive Rules

505 Ignition Phase

  • 505.1 "At the start of the Ignition Phase" automatic occurrence activates.
  • 505.2 Perform the priority preprocessing (702).
  • 505.3 The turn player is able to choose a card in their own Charge, or choose to pass.
  • 505.3a If the turn player choose a card in Charge, they move that card into their own Trash, and then reveal the topmost card of their own Deck Zone. If that card is a card with Ignition Icon, the turn player is able to play (803) that card immediately without paying the Cost of that card. If that card is not played, or is a card without Ignition Icon, put that card into Trash. This process is called "Ignition".
  • 505.4 Perform the priority preprocessing (702).
  • 505.5 If the turn player chooses a card in Charge, return to 505.3. If the turn player choose to pass, proceed to the Main Phase.