Ignition Overdrive (イグニッションオーバードライブ Igunisshon Ōbādoraibu) is the ability to use multiple Z/X at the same time.

From gameplay perspective, Ignition Overdrive instead refer to the particular game mechanic that allow a player to play a card without paying its Cost, and possibly in multiple quantities.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The ability to use multiple Z/X at the same time, that was called as Ignition Overdrive. Strictly speaking, the preliminary stage of activating is called "IG: Ignition", while the multiple Z/X used being formed is called "OD: Overdrive".

Because the talents of the Card Device user to the flow of Resource and the like are called into question, those who can actually do this are exceedingly rare. Even those who are gifted can't choose when this ability activates.

Since this wasn't an intended feature of the Card Device, the activation mechanism remains a mystery. Some of those who can use it call themselves "IGOD", as being able to do it might as well be an act of God himself.

"10 January 2013" addition

This function of the Card Device is shrouded in a mystery. However, a theory has emerged that this phenomenon occurs when the hearts of "Dragon Miko" and those who desire to "protect this world" join together, further study is required, but it does seem a hopeful possibility.


During the Ignition Phase, the turn player may choose to perform Ignition by following the procedure below.

  • Choose a card from your Charge and put it into Trash.
  • Reveal the top card of your deck.
  • If the revealed card has an Ignition Icon, you may play that card without paying its Cost. If it is not played or does not have an Ignition Icon, put that card into Trash.

Similar to the story, this process is called Ignition (イグニッション Igunisshon) while the act of playing the revealed card is called Overdrive (オーバードライブ Ōbādoraibu). Ignition can be performed as many time as long as the the player has enough cards in their Charge, and thus, it is possible for a player to play multiple cards without paying their Cost and gain tremendous advantage.

Card abilities or effects may also instruct a player to "perform Ignition" (イグニッションする Igunisshon suru). In that case, that player perform the Ignition process as usual without placing any card from their Charge into Trash.

Ignition Icon

Some card possesses the Ignition Icon (イグニッションアイコン Igunisshon Aikon) on the left side of the card name, which is shaped like a stylized dragon head (a possible reference to the originator). All cards with this Icon can be played without paying their Cost if revealed during Ignition.

Other than cards with printed Ignition Icon, a small number of cards also possessed an ability or effect that gives them Ignition Icon on certain condition. Certain abilities or effects like Zero Optima may also specifically refer to cards with Ignition Icon.

Comprehensive Rules

1010 Ignition

  • 1010.1 If there is an an instruction to "perform Ignition", the designated player reveal the topmost card of their own Deck Zone. If that card is a card with Ignition Icon, the turn player is able to play (803) that card immediately without paying the Cost of that card. If that card is not played, or is a card without Ignition Icon, put that card into Trash.


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