Ignition Overboost (誓装 or 契騎, both reads as イグニッション・オーバーブースト Igunisshon Ōbābūsuto) is a term given to the process of making a Z/X Overboost appear on Square.

Ignition Overboost can be performed through certain Event cards. Event card that able to perform Ignition Overboost may specify the name of Z/X Overboost that can appear through the process, and the process cannot be performed at all if the player can't Ignition Overboost into Z/X Overboost with the specified name in its card name.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

A method developed jointly by the White Dragon Miko, Nino and the Black Dragon Miko, Barahara. Z/X user and partner Z/X that was tied by bonds can use it to fuse their two bodies as one. Specifically, it maintained an amplified state far beyond the physical ability of a Z/X.

Although it was a method devised by the Dragon Miko, it can be used by those who sided with the Dingir if there are some kind of bonds established between the pair that performed the "Ignition Overboost (Oath-Armor)". In addition, the method is described as "Ignition Overboost (Pledge-Mount)" if it was used by persons whose bonds proficiency have not reached a certain standard.


The detailed process for Ignition Overboost is as follow:

  • Turn the Player card face-down.
  • Reveal the lower part of Z/X Overboost that was stacked behind the Player card.
  • Reveal a face-down upper part of Z/X Overboost with the same name as the lower part from the Dynamis.
  • Join both the upper and the lower part of the Z/X Overboost together as a single card.
  • Make the Z/X Overboost appear on empty Square except the opponent's Player Square in Reboot State.

Since Ignition Overboost itself is treated as keyword action, all Z/X Overboost that appeared through this process is treated as appearing per game mechanic. While there is no limit on how many times Ignition Overboost can be performed during a turn, a player cannot perform Ignition Overboost while they still control a Z/X Overboost on Square.

Ignition Overboost does not count toward the once-per-turn limit of playing a Z/X Extra, so a player can still play a Z/X Extra after they performed Ignition Overboost and vice-versa.

Comprehensive Rules

1014 Ignition Overboost

  • 1014.1 If there is an instruction to "Ignition Overboot", the player turns a card with Player card type that they control face-down, and reveal the lower part of Z/X Overboost. If the revealed card's name contain the card name designated in "turns into Z/X with~", then reveal an upper part of Z/X Overboost with the same name as the revealed card from Dynamis, join the 2 card together and make it appear on empty Square except the opponent's Player Square in Reboot State.
  • 1014.2 Z/X Overboost that appeared from the intruction to "Ignition Overboost" lost the effect that was applied to the card with Player card type controlled by its owner in the previous zone.
  • 1014.3 If you are unable to perform the "Ignition Overboost" instruction for any reason, that Ignition Overboost is not performed, then go back to the game state just before the Ignition Overboost is performed.


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