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Ignition Kubota (イグニッション久保田 Igunisshon Kubota) is a character in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-. He is based on the real life Z/X producer, Shunsuke Kubota, who also appears as this character in various events.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

A man in a black suit who often appears where Z/X and its users fight for their futures. Often times he will even fight with his own Card Device, and is considerably strong. Yet, he yells "Don't despair!" to all those fighting there, establishing him as some sort of mid boss without seeming like some sort of last boss.

His favorite phrase is "Why did it turn out this way?". A pretty blatant rip-off of Asuka's statement, but differs in that he tends to say it with a disappointed, forward-leaning stance.

Because he wears such a ridiculously gaudy mask, he is often confused for a Diabolus at first sight, but because he has been seen wearing a variety of masks, he holds none of the "consistency of a Diabolus". There's also a bunch of theories why he wears it, that he is actually rather shy and timid, or he is some ordinary man who wears it to look cool and cute.

The purpose of his actions are shrouded in a mystery.

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