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Idealize Condition (夢装条件 Musō Jōken) is one of the condition required to play a Z/X Extra card. It is associated with the Idealize.

Idealize Condition basically modify how a card is played. Instead of paying its Cost as usual, a player simply have to expend the same amount of Counter listed in the Idealize Condition.

Comprehensive Rules

1021 Idealize Condition

  • 1021.1 "Idealize Condition" change the required compensation in order to play a Z/X Extra as that card is played.
  • 1021.2 Idealize Condition is written in text or subtext as "Idealize Condition : [compensation]". When a player plays a Z/X Extra with Idealize Condition, that card is played without paying the Resource Cost by expending a number of Counter that has the icon designated in [compensation].