Idealize (夢装 or イデアライズ Idearaizu), is a Tribe exclusively used on Z/X Extra cards.

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Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Technique brought by the Cthulhu, which can only be used by the owner of dream-amplifying "Dream Key".

To put it straight, it is said to "add the force of will to fighting strength", but there is a side effect that changes the user to their desired figure or ideal state. The achievement level is greatly influenced by thought (hope, delusion, will, anxiety, etc.), and it seems to bring greater effect than expected during an upturn. For that reason, Z/X—strong humans that has evolved—is fundamental as the vessel.

It was handed down to the sagacious Cthulhu royalty as a means to oppose invader, but since their own ability is already powerful, the dream amplification became sparse and the Cthulhu nowadays didn't use it.

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