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Idea Drive (イデアドライブ Idea Doraibu) is a technique that can be only used by the owner of Dream Key while in the Idealize state.

In the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG, it is also the name given to a category of Event Extra card and one of its ability, which is only available while the card is face-up in Dynamis and require an Idealize for its effect.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Technique that can only be used by the owner of Dream Key, and only within the confine of Dreamworld.

It is released from "Idealize" state, which itself was the ideal figure of the user. It is not really affected by effort or training, instead, the power it displayed is relative to the strength of willpower and dreams.

In the words of Reia Sento, it is "the strongest finishing strike I thought".

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