For the Player Card, see Honome Chogasaki (card).

Honome Chogasaki (蝶ヶ崎ほのめ Chōgasaki Honome) is a character in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

A female student that specializes in the study of genetic engineering at Kuzuryu Gakuin University. 18-years-old. Raised as daughter of a great Zaibatsu, although her verbal expression is a little unique, she is gifted with both brain and beauty. If she didn't stand off as she expects, she will throw a tantrum all over her face.

Though her existence has been acknowledged not only because of her appearance and assets but also her genius brain, she is completely overshadowed by the super genius Mikado Kurosaki boasted by the same graduate school. Moreover, in order to triumph over Mikado who doesn't even take notice of her, Honome determined to become a Z/X user to disturb Mikado's ambition.

Right now I am in the middle of recruiting Partner Z/X!
→ It is decided! "Graceful Exquisite Voiced Bird, Kalavinka"

"Be silent. I am in a good thought!"


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