Hitu (願う者(ヒツ) Hitsu) is the designation given by the Dingir to certain human and Z/X.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The name given by the Dingir to human and Z/X who deserved to obtain the protection of Dingir. In general, they have strong desire and despair. Those who have given the power to overcome their situation becomes "Qillatu", the followers of Dingir.

For unknown reason, it seems that only those who are able to grab hold of the flow of Resource are able to communicate with Dingir. Because of that, human "Hitu" are limited to those who possesses the qualities of a Z/X user, and ordinary person can't recognize the Dingir.


"Hitu" is the word for "mistake" in the Ancient Mesopotamian religion. The base kanji for Hitu (願う者 Negau Mono) literally means "the one who desired".


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