Little Guardian (小さな守護者 Chīsana Shugosha, with Little Guardian subtitle in English) is the fifth chapter of Heroic Saga 1.


Azumi Kagamihara and Sword Sniper, Rigel received order to exterminate the multiplying plants, and headed to the Nīgata & Yamagata border with the Blue World forces that joins them during the "Sado Defensive Battle". As soon as they reached the boundary of the two worlds, the forces encountered the Green World's inhabitants, commencing the war of extermination.

The bodies of machines are far less susceptible to the corruption of plants, allowing them to attack an inexhaustible horde of plants and insects. As it chaotically fluctuated between offense and defense, a certain nameless Lycanthrope village was swallowed up in the battle. Azumi and Rigel who insisted on not harming those who couldn't fight, flew into a rage when this happened, and looked away as the tragedy begins......!

Standing in the way was Chitose Aoba and Sword Warrior, Rindo, and so the two pair clashed. Chitose, whose spirit leads her to help people whether they are humans or Z/X, would later become the bridge between the two worlds, even if no one is aware of this just yet.

Event Report

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