Avenger of Tears (涙の復讐者 Namida no Fukushūsha, with Avenger of Tears subtitle in English) is the fourth chapter of Heroic Saga 1.


Three years ago, the parents of Ayase Kamiyugi were slaughtered senselessly by the Angel, causing her to swear revenge. Signing a contract that sold her life into the hands of Quadruped Victor, Sieger who wields savage claws, and devoted herself to hunting Angels day after day. A ruthless Angel Killer. Unaware, she came to be known as a terrifying existence.

One night, Asuka Tennoji and Fierte the Pride stood in the way of the Angel Killer. In spite of unwanted desires, they tried to start killing each other. The explosions and clang of blades echoes during that dark night, terrifying the neighborhood.

The end of that battle that had their lives on the lines, resulted in a surprise ending. Realizing the meaning behind the tears pouring down Ayase's cheeks, who had driven by wails of agony, Asuka's strong feelings were able to reach her, and all the while, Fierte repelled Sieger's claws. For the first time in her war against the Angels, Ayase tasted defeat and had the name of Asuka Tennoji imprinted deep within her heart.

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