Sado Defense Line (佐渡防衛線 Sado Bōeisen), subtitled Crimson Invasion is the second chapter of Heroic Saga 1.


Seizing upon a chance several after the "Battle of Beppu Bay", with the White World focused on Shikoku & Kyūshū, Mikado Kurosaki went towards the Island of Sado, under the control of the Blue World, directing a small number of elite troops across the sea. If he could build a base there, he could easily capture the Blue World's territories from their lax sea of Japan side. The operation was named "Crimson Invasion".

However Azumi Kagamihara and Sword Sniper, Rigel were on Sado due to a top secret mission, and were able to stall until the main forces of the Blue World arrived, preventing Mikado's plans.

Event Report

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