Battle of Beppu Bay (別府湾攻防戦 Beppuwan Kōbōsen), subtitled Sunset Intercept is the first chapter of Heroic Saga 1.


Mikado Kurosaki and Nine Great Heroes, Alexander came up with an eastward campaign to seize control of Japan, and dispatched a large force towards the Kyoto & Osaka area held mostly by the White World.

On the advise of Fierte the Pride, who detected their movements early, the upper echelons of the White World deployed a mixed force of Angel and Sacred Beast from Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture to Beppu, Oita to check the Red World's forces. In order to prevent this, the Red World's forces met them at the water's edge, forming their battle line at Beppu Bay.

Many Braver, including Alexander, struggled in vain, leading to huge casualties for the Red World. The blitzkrieg of the White World, dubbed "Sunset Intercept" paid off, putting off the Red World's invasion of the White World for the moment.

Event Report

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