Heroic Saga (英雄達の戦記(ヒロイックサーガ) Hiroikku Sāga) is one of the major event for Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- trading card game. It is a user participation type event, where the actions of the participants will have an impact on the overall story of Z/X and determine its direction.

Heroic Saga event typically consists of a rumble-style match where the players compete against each other to determine the outcome of a story (either by win-lose tally or voting), a tournament, and various side events. Heroic Saga is divided into five different event (chapter), which take places in a region that correspond to one the five future parallel worlds in the story of Z/X. Sometimes, a chapter of Heroic Saga is split into two story, and is held in two different venues at different times.

Starting from Heroic Saga 3 onward, the first chapter of a Heroic Saga is held alongside the Z/X Stream event.

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