Hand (手札 Tefuda) is the place where player keep the cards drawn from their deck to be used during the game.

Each player has their own hand, which cannot be seen by the other player. Generally, player can only play cards from their own hand. Card abilities or effects may also interact with the cards in hand, mostly by using the cards in hand as cost.

Hand has a limit of 6 cards which is checked at the player respective End Phase. If a player has more than 6 card in their hand, that player put an amount of cards from their hand into Trash until they have exactly 6 cards in hand. This 6-cards limit can be modified by card ability like the one possessed by "Administrator Altair".

Comprehensive Rules

309 Hand

  • 309.1 Zone where player keep the cards drawn (1004) from the Deck Zone.
  • 309.2 There is a maximum limit for hand.
  • 309.2a At the end of the End Phase, if the number of cards in the turn player's hand exceed the hand limit, they moves the excess cards into Trash (507.8).
  • 309.2b Hand limit at the start of the game is 6.
  • 309.2c If the hand limit is removed by any effect, do not perform the action to move the excess cards into Trash at the end of turn (507.8).
  • 309.3 Although the hand is a hidden zone, you can freely look at the cards in your own hand. It is possible to arbitrarily change the order of cards in your own hand.

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