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Guild "Dawn" (ギルド“Girudo Akatsuki) is an organization in the White World.

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Conflict between the moderate and radical faction, Reversal and deluge brought by the Mad Overlord Gambiel, attack from Dark Uriel and the "Qillatu", and furthermore, invasion by a large number of Black Sword from the Black World (strictly speaking, by Black Sword whose control has been taken over by Sol). White World is currently in a countdown towards its ruin.

Taking the situation seriously, Twin Polar Angel Gabriel declared the establishment of "Guild System". By registering "Guild" consisted of small number of members regardless of their title and status, and then issuing a large number of quests that mostly involves restoration support, various problems was solved in exchange for rewards.

Meanwhile, Twin Polar Angel Michael issued an imperial order to Guild "Dawn", who has showed a remarkable performance. The given quest is to recapture Uriel, and their leader was given the title of "Hero".

Its member are the following 5, listed together with their short profile.

Name Profile
Hero Ange Bright, lively, yet timid Angel. Her full name is Ange Aube.
She doesn't have any special characteristic, but she was selected as the leader by recommendation from Elena and Rainier.
Priestess Elena A human accompanied by a wolf Sacred Beast.
While she looked childish, she is extremely wise. She excels in analysis and prediction, and serves as the brain of Guild "Dawn".
Witch Rainier A Guardian who gives off a bewitching charm.
She is a young lady who devised the method to cast off her spiritual arms and reconstruct it like magic.
Mercenary Ashera A muscular Cait Sith.
Although he mainly worked solo to subjugate the Black Sword, he assisted Guild "Dawn" to obtain a special reward.
Advent Sign A humanoid Angelic Dragon.
She is a guardian dragon who was introduced by Michael as a means of transportation to the other worlds. She attacks by firing flame and lightning from her fist.


Name Cards Cost Power
Ange Hero of Guild "Dawn", Ange 3 4500
Guild "Dawn", Ange Aube 7 10500
Protagonist Turn! Guild "Dawn", Ange 5 4500
Guild "Dawn", Ange the Respite 2 3000
Elena Priestess of Guild "Dawn", Elena 3 4500
Guild "Dawn", Elena the Affection 5 7500
Rainier Witch of Guild "Dawn", Rainier 4 6000
Guild "Dawn", Rainier the Bewitching 3 4500
Guild "Dawn", Rainier the Splendid 9 6500
Ashera Mercenary of Guild "Dawn", Ashera 5 7500
Guild "Dawn", Ashera the Pleasure 4 6000
Guild "Dawn", Ashera the Valiant 6 9000
Advent Sign Guild "Dawn", Advent Sign 6 8500
Guild "Dawn", Advent Sign Nova 6 7500

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