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Guardian (ガーディアン Gādian) are one of the four Tribes from the White World.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Humans who evolved differently from the Angel, they wear elegant and polished powered suits. As the moderators of the White World, they prefer not to step on the toes of others, but when they have to butt in, they're quite serious about it.

Their imposing, law-abiding appearance is partially due to their bodies. But what definitely intensifies it is their spiritual power, which is heavily connected to their defensive instincts. Their upper torsos and faces are usually exposed from some corner of the powered suits, like some sort of smooth, natural art, so it usually requires a double take to realize they're actually human, since the size of the suits is rather ludicrous. While the smallest of their members is 3 meters tall, there are report of 500 meters tall Guardian.

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