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Grimoire Princess (顕臨姫 Kenrinki) is a series of Z/X Overboost related to the Cthulhu.

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It refers to R'lyeh, Mysteries, Pnakotic, Celaeno, and Nameless.

Each of them are originally Z/X from each of the five worlds. They wish for the realization of an immediate "evolution and destruction", and devoted their life to the Cthulhu. If a Nyarlathotep-class Cthulhu are going to use their full power, the assistance of these girls are necessary.

The Grimoire Princesses still don't know. The Cthulhu didn't respond to their call to bring forth "evolution and destruction"—


All of the Grimoire Princess are Cost 7 Z/X Overboost with 10500 Power that share similar Auto abilities. As their name suggest, their individual names are based on various texts and grimoires in the Cthulhu Mythos.

In addition, their original Japanese name also denotes the aspect of "evolution and destruction" for each of them.

Color Name Namesake Aspect
Red Red Grimoire Princess, R'lyeh R'lyeh Text Ultimate (窮極 Kyūkyoku)
Blue Blue Grimoire Princess, Mysteries De Vermis Mysteriis (Mysteries of the Worm) Nothingness (絶無 Zetsumu)
White White Grimoire Princess, Pnakotic Pnakotic Manuscripts End (終末 Shūmatsu)
Black Black Grimoire Princess, Celaeno Celaeno Fragments Abyss (奈落 Naraku)
Green Green Grimoire Princess, Nameless Unaussprechlichen Kulten (Nameless Cults) Ruination (廃滅 Haimetsu)

"Unknown Future Princess, Urara Yato" and "Key of Dream Princess, Urara Yato" are also counted as a Grimoire Princess due to their Japanese name containing 顕臨姫 Kenrinki.

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