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Great Tree Yggdrasil (大樹ユグドラシル Taiju Yugudorashiru) is the plant that covers the entire world in the future of Green World.

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The network of plants that covers the Green World. It is an existence where all is one, and one is all.

The entire Green World is covered in this network of plants, where as the central organism, it is practically an immortal existence. Due to the network-like nature, it can quickly take on a form to destroy those who who fight against them, manipulating a large number of Bio-Plants and Plasects.

"05 November 2021" addition

All survivors has escaped to the present through the Black Point, and intelligent life other than Yggdrasil no longer exist in the Green World. With the extinction of humanity, it finally achieved an unity. However, the greed of Yggdrasil cannot be sated. After the rumbling, it extended its branches and leaves, and decided to attack the other side of the Black Point—the present where the five worlds intersects.

Strictly speaking, it still haven't achieved an unity.

There is someone who learned how to evade Yggdrasil's surveillance network, and have been watching over "Soma"—the divine progenitor of Hourai who lies within "Mougi" that corresponds to the root of Yggdrasil, ever since the beginning of the Green World. Her name is Purity. She was taken off guard by the rumbling, and captured by the great tree.

There is someone who returned to Green World in order to regain the strength of Hourai, and plotted to sip the blood of "Soma"—the divine progenitor of Hourai. Her name is Vasuki. She has a close relationship with Purity, and reached "Mougi" with her subordinates.

Finally, there is someone who sensed Purity's situation, and rushed to her from the Dreamworld. His name is Soma Kembuchi.

There are two Black Points of Green World in the present-day earth. Among them, the Satellite of Blue World caught a strange phenomenon from the gigantic Black Point that lies in France. The invasion of Great Tree Yggdrasil and feud over "Soma" was no longer the problem of Green World.

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