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Gourmet Lounge (美食楼 Gurume Raunji or Bishoku Rō, literally means "gourmet tower") is a group comprised of Diabolus and Meister.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

A unique group of connoisseur Diabolus and resourceful Meister that aims to create the ultimate sweets recipe by combining their knowledge and skills together. Their leader is Gula the Gluttony of the Seven Deadly Sins, who herself was known as a gourmand. Although some member referred to it as either "gourmet lounge" or "gourmet tower", all of them shared their enthusiasm for food.

The group was formed when Black World Z/X, after being released from their doomed fate written by the Dingir, begin to work with Red World Z/X through the mediation by the Green World Z/X Enju. It is only an interaction between some Z/X, and it doesn't mean that either Red World or Black World has left the struggle for power. Among the Meister who have experienced the struggle during Exorcision War, there are those who devoted themselves to develop the "Elixir Sweets" that has healing effect just by eating it, while also pursuing delicacy.

Gourmet Lounge brand name has already become a topic in the Black World, and high-priced transactions for its three-star sweets has started (although the concept of currency has been lost from the Black World).

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