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Gigant Crest (魔導書 Giganto Kuresuto) is a technique that exist in the Red World.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The gifted magician Therion was revived as a Braver in the present.

Inspired by the latest "Transformant" method from the Meister, she compiled a new magic system by embedding the core of Gigantic in the grimoires she collected as pastime. The embedded Gigantic are then summoned as familiars obedient to her from magic circles engraved with unique crests.
She named this course of technique as "Gigant Crest".

She was one of the people who were ecstatic at the existence of Cthulhu that was suggested by the unfathomable grimoire among her collections. In the past, she called herself as "Grimoire Princess" in order for the Cthulhu to manifest using her body, but she was hindered by her lack of determination to forsake everything and her brilliant reasoning, losing her dream as result. Contrary to her own capability, she is worried by the fact that she is not accompanied with strong personality and madness, and is trying to become a mad magician only for formality.

She nominated the user of Shikigami, Abe no Seimei, as her lifelong rival, and joined the war against Oda Nobunaga and Dakki, as well as the Meister forces. The chaos was accelerated further.

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