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Ghoul (グール Gūru) is a member of the Knights of the Round Table.

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One of the companies that formed the Round Table.

Originally a company from Singapore that was formed as a social networking service for mobile phones, they secretly developed the system "Prometheus", which is able to predict the conditions of financial markets five minutes into the future with a probability of 99.87% thanks to the cooperation of a genius boy programmer from India, resulting in them becoming a massive conglomerate that governs the world of IT.

Thanks to "Prometheus", Ghoul became obscenely wealthy, and allowed them to acquire various IT companies in the world, from maker of PC hardware, semiconductors, OS, security software to search engines, one after another, and eventually caused a price collapse by handing the latest smartphones and PCs for free all over the world. Rivals were faced with two choices: withdraw from the industry or end up getting swallowed up by Ghoul.

Ghoul ended up owning more than 90% of the PC and smartphone market, to the point every man from young to old knows the song from "Ghoul~" commercial. Unaware to everyone, the equipment Ghoul had handed out for free, was installed with programs to collect and control all information around the world.

The attribute of their mask is "Avaritia (greed)".

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