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Gate Card (ゲートカード Gēto Kādo) is a keyword ability that allows a player to put the card with this ability face-up into Dynamis during the game preparation.

This ability currently only appears on Event cards, and can be seen as the counterpart of Start Card for Event. If a player have more than one card with Gate Card ability in their deck, they may only put one of them face-up into the Dynamis during the game preparation.

The current reminder text of Gate Card ability is shown below:

【常】 ゲートカード【有効】 すべて 【効果】 このカードをデュナミスに表向きで置いてゲームを開始できる。)

[Always] Gate Card ( <Valid> All <Effect> This card can be put face-up into Dynamis at the start of the game.)

For the list of all cards with Gate Card ability, see Category:Gate Card.

Comprehensive Rules

1113 Gate Card

  • 1113.1 Gate Card ability is a continuous ability that referred to at the game preparation.
  • 1113.2 "Gate Card" means " <Valid> All <Effect> You can put this card face-up into your own Dynamis at the start of the game."