Six Brilliant Creators, Gandiva ((そう)(せい)六華(ろっか)(せん)ガーンデーヴァ Sōsei Rokkasen Gāndēva), or simply known as Gandiva, is the Partner Z/X of Izumo Miyakonojo and member of the "Six Brilliant Creators".

Anticipating the capital recapture, she investigate the vicinity of Black World's Black Point ahead of Mikado. Having a fastidious character that does not tolerate injustice, she shoot her arrow straight through the enemy's vital point.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

A great Meister that possesses the title of Six Brilliant Creators. As shown by her character that was extremely fastidious and loathes twisted things, it is said that the arrow she shot accurately seize the target vital point.

Although she was attracted to the diligent and honest Izumo Miyakonojo and becomes his Partner Z/X, she is unable to sympathize with "the end justifies the means attitude" of the Self-Defense Forces Kitakyūshū Army chief executive, Mikado Kurosaki, and volunteered to inspect the Kanto district alone. While going off on her won, she regretted that Izumo's heart has been clouded.


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