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Maiden of Crusade & Great Tree of Paradise (聖戦の乙女&楽園の大樹) is the Free Card Deck of Booster 5: Victory Song of the Overlord. It can be downloaded from here.

Card List

Color Number Card Name Type Quantity
White F10-001 Pluie the Rain Z/X 4
White F10-002 Evilbane, Eiger Z/X 4
White F10-003 Evilbane, Kula Kangri Z/X 2
White F10-004 Holy Beast, Aura Roc Z/X 4
White F10-005 Korat the Painter Z/X 4
White F10-006 Esprit the Wit Z/X 4
White F10-007 Confront Order Event 3
Green F10-008 Sweet Honeybee, Queen Bee Z/X 4
Green F10-009 Fickle Marjoram Z/X 4
Green F10-010 Parent and Child Beastman, Were-Kangaroo Z/X 4
Green F10-011 Tempering Kick, Karin Z/X 4
Green F10-012 Bewitching Blue Dragon Sword, Mizubashou Z/X 2
Green F10-013 Beastman, Were-Panda Z/X 4
Green F10-014 Queen's Entertainment Event 3
White F10-015 Asuka Tennoji Player 1
Green F10-016 Chitose Aoba Player 1