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Queen of Conspiracy (謀略の蟲惑妃(クイーン・オブ・コンスピラシー)) is the Free Card Deck of Booster 21: Code:Samsara - Seed of Rebellion and Character Pack - Vesparose. It was distributed together with Free Set 21-1: Calamity Requiem and can be downloaded from here.

This deck is a Vesparose-themed mono-Green deck with the expiration date of 31 July 2017.

Card List

Color Number Card Name Type Quantity
Green F28-001 Refined Hirauchi Hairpin, Hanamomo Z/X 4
Green F28-002 Army Wasp Soldier, Assault Force Z/X 8
Green F28-003 Divine Tribute Troops, Army Ant Z/X 1
Green F28-004 Poison Chain Scorpionfly, Colchi Mecopt Z/X 4
Green F28-005 Divine Tribute Wasp Soldier, Tribute Carrier Z/X 4
Green F28-006 Scouting Wasp Soldier, Scout Seek Z/X 4
Green F28-007 Chirp of Spring, Were-Horonis Z/X 4
Green F28-008 Spellthorn Sting, Vesparose Z/X 4
Green F28-009 Wasp Soldier Swarmleader, Sergeanty Z/X 4
Green F28-010 Demonic Wasp Princess, Vesparose Z/X 4
Green F28-011 Four Insect Sovereigns - Slavery Queen, Vesparose Z/X 4
Green F28-012 You Shall Not Escape......! Event 4
Green F28-013 Fragment of Power Event 4
Green F28-014 Silver Moon "Phantasm", Nannal Z/X EX 4
Green F28-015 Grandeur "Fertility", Ninurta Z/X EX 4
Green F28-016 Kisara Domeki Player 1