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| align="center" | [[File:Icon Blue.png]]
| align="center" | [[File:Icon Blue.png]]
| align="center" | [[F18-001]]
| align="center" | [[F18-001]]
| [[Battle Hero, Gliese#Free Set 12 Version|Battle Hero, Gliese]]
| [[Battle Hero, Gliese#Free Card Version|Battle Hero, Gliese]]
| align="center" | Z/X
| align="center" | Z/X
| align="center" | 4
| align="center" | 4

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Admiral of Ocean & White Smoke of Funeral (大海の提督&葬送の白煙) is the Free Card Deck of Booster 12: Doll Princess of the Demonic Poison. It can be downloaded from here.

Card List

Color Number Card Name Type Quantity
Icon Blue F18-001 Battle Hero, Gliese Z/X 4
Icon Blue F18-002 Enthusiastic Singing Fairy, Lily Z/X 4
Icon Blue F18-003 Space Captain, Algieba Z/X 4
Icon Blue F18-004 Transformed Current, Zinc Z/X 4
Icon Blue F18-005 Barrage Machine, Barrage Z/X 4
Icon Blue F18-006 Theatre Union, Neon Z/X 4
Icon Blue F18-007 Dance Code Engrave Event 4
Icon Black F18-008 Devil of Fumes, Fumus Z/X 4
Icon Black F18-009 Rookie Sales, Catherine Z/X 1
Icon Black F18-010 Flying Sawtooth, Zacke Z/X 4
Icon Black F18-011 Carving Chisel Z/X 4
Icon Black F18-012 Rushing Heavy Tank, Centurion Z/X 4
Icon Black F18-013 Smashing Hard Puncher Z/X 4
Icon Black F18-014 Devil of Funeral, Sepelio Z/X 4
Icon Blue F18-015 Reia Sento Z/X 1
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